Entry #10

Back once more.

2012-06-12 08:56:41 by X-Patch

Okay, first of I know this getting really old me saying I'm back and that I am going to be doing something this time around, but this time I have an idea and hopefully I be able to do it with crappy equipment that I've got to work with so I'll get back you guy's (if your interested) once I get started with storyboard's and other things relating to animation.

Storyboarding should start so ish and if not in 3 weeks or so, I should say that the storyboard'll be done in 3 weeks then voices, SFX and so forth. I am hoping to get a tablet soon to my life as an animator just that bit more bearable.

So that you can keep an eye on what I am doing and where I'm up too, here is my DeviantArt page. http://thunderkid69.deviantart.com/ and I put my youtube up when I'm going to release it and there maybe behide the scene's stuff up there too.


Just to show you that I can animate, here is a crappy GIF I made a year ago.


Back once more.


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