Flashes: coming soon

2008-11-07 16:30:26 by X-Patch

I am making flashes

I have 2 that will be up in 3 to 6 weeks

1: How Sonic got his job

2: Me vs Some random guy that looks like an imagenry Chav

PLUS my flash quality shall improve When I get my self one of thoughs Draw Pad Thingys


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2008-11-07 16:33:56

haha good luck with that

X-Patch responds:

How sarcastic of you


2008-11-07 16:36:34


X-Patch responds:


I thought you were been sarcastic


2009-01-01 14:07:31

good luck dude!
oh and...HI CHRIS!!!!!!!!!

X-Patch responds:

thanks Aaron