pointless rant thing of pointless rantyness

2008-08-13 05:52:59 by X-Patch

Just trying to show that it's meaning less writing on these things
in fact it seem to be point less bothering because all you do is check comments that people leve
ponitlessly and there bad or good and they just try to fight you all the way and it's not on
I have no flashes I have no music. flashes soon, music maybe this ranty thingy has been pointless coz
no one's gonna read it well maybe a few people
the last one of these I wrote people didn't like it come on no one like Harry Potter he's a dick no one likes him and he a arse (pointless because it's a ranty thingy yeah I know) MINI's made by BMW ARE NOT MINIs IT DEFFICES THE CONSEPT OF THE CAR AND THE WORD MINI THE ONLY MINI IS THE ONE MADE IN ENGLAND OKAY ANYONE WHO SAYS OVER WHISE IS AN ASSHOLE OKAY lol

now thats a mini

pointless rant thing of pointless rantyness


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